Since 2012
Our story
The founders of Alexo Property Brokers - two business partners with extensive professional experience in real estate - made a decision in 2012 to sell their established franchise in Cape Town's City Bowl, and pioneer a completely fresh approach to property sales. The core pillars of Alexo would be built on lessons learnt from the dying model of the traditional real estate agency. The motivation to rethink the agent's approach to property sales, began with an internal desire to rectify the negative connotation attached to members of our industry; to remind ourselves of who the true client is (the Seller who pays the commission); to challenge the traditional sales methodologies that have been entrenched (and remained unchanged) for decades; and to prioritize business integrity over quick money.

Often when we think about success stories like Google - a single place to search for information about anything; or UBER - a taxi service that owns no taxis; one cannot help but say that in hind sight, the solution was obvious. Obvious, and simple. The creation of Alexo Property Brokers had the same notion - do what feels right, while truly, whole-heartedly putting the clients' needs first. Listen to one's instincts, and hope that one's moral compass always points to True North.

In the years leading up to the launch of Alexo Property Brokers, many debates took place as to how they could break away from the typical 'tell-you-anything-that-you-want-to-hear' to get a mandate, or sign an offer, sales approach; an approach that has been followed because of how estate agents are traditionally remunerated (commission only).

To be true to the company philosophy, Alexo's growth had to be organic - where each and every sales consultant that represents our brand, is hand-picked, and nurtured through extensive in-house training. Our training involves not only how to be a great sales person, but also how to reflect our core beliefs of TRUTH, INNOVATION, and ALTRUISM through every single interaction that they have with buyers and sellers. Most of our consultants are young professionals with no previous real estate experience - meaning that they have not been negatively influenced by the bad habits of the industry, are energetic, and keen to build a sustainable, long term career in the business.
As our business evolves, we will continue to question everything that we do to ensure that we are operating in the most efficient manner possible, and in the best interests of our Sellers, Buyers, and the public at large. Change had to start with someone, and we sincerely believe that through our interactions with hundreds of Sellers and Buyers each year, our message will spread, and our influence will be felt amongst the communities in which we operate. Hopefully in time, our presence and methodologies will put pressure on other estate agencies to adjust their actions, attitudes and fees for the real benefit of every South African citizen.
We will continue to question everything that we do to ensure that we are operating in the most efficient manner possible
Our 3 pillars of strength
Alexo Property Brokers will always provide good, honest and open advice to their clients. We will also communicate to the public the truth of the real estate industry through articles (in the press and online) and through direct communication with our clients.
Alexo Property Brokers' unique strategies will offer our clients a 'New Way' in property sales. These strategies will help to improve the image of the real estate industry through honest property advice, consistent property valuing, more discreet advertising, convenient viewing times for the seller, and more appropriate sales commissions.
Altruism is the unselfish regard or concern for the welfare or benefit of others. Alexo Property Brokers will always remain altruistic in our approach. Our promise is to give true property advice, which is imperative for every seller and buyer in the market today. Alexo Property Brokers also has a strong commitment to real social issues.
These are a few of those questions... answered
  • 01
    Q - Do we need Sunday showdays considering how comfortable Buyers have become with shopping online?
    A - No
  • 02
    Q - Surely if there is a way to protect ourselves, our clients, and their properties from potential criminal activities linked to showdays, are we not duty bound to explore and test the alternatives?
    A - Yes, indeed
  • 03
    Q - Do showdays benefit the Seller, the Agency, or Buyers?
    A - If properties sell on the other 6 days of the week (and they do), then how can showdays be for the benefit of our Sellers? Essentially this implies that their present day existence is purely for the benefit of the Estate Agency and Buyers.
  • 04
    Q - Do we need newspaper advertising? If so, is the marketing tool there to attract Buyers or Sellers?
    A - No. Primarily targeted at Sellers - who pay high commission rates based partially on this marketing "muscle" - and so the perpetual cycle continues.
  • 05
    Q - Can traditional real estate companies' high commission percentages be justified considering how Buyers shop in the 21st Century?
    A - No
  • 06
    Q - Is it not in the Seller's best interests, and a better use of one's time (as an estate agent) to deliver a factual, well-researched property valuation (which may possibly be less than what the Seller expects) to ensure that a property sells within a reasonable period? This, as opposed to giving overinflated valuations to simply secure a mandate where the full intention is to condition a Seller down in price during the course of their mandate.
    A - Yes. Though difficult to believe, the second option is extremely common practice in South Africa, as desperate agents do whatever they have to, to secure mandates.
  • 07
    Q - Being a commission based industry, can we blame estate agents for acting unethically in order to make a sale and provide for their families?
    A - No. Solution - pay sales consultants a basic salary, with further commission incentives to fuel their sales hunger.