We believe in giving our clients choice and flexible solutions, which is why at Alexo Property Brokers, we create seller-focused strategies for our clients, with our clients. 

The Alexo approach follows three simple truths:

  • Sellers’ situations differ
  • A marketing approach which works for one seller may not suit another
  • The sales strategy applied must therefore be designed in accordance with the individual needs and urgency of each client (seller)

We start the process by conducting a research-based market assessment of one's property. This is done by applying our experience and knowledge to analysing three main components:

COMPARATIVE SALES ANALYSIS (sales data from the deeds office)

First, we review statistics (registered sales prices, dates of sales, property sizes etc.) of the recent sales of comparable properties within a certain radius of the focus property. Then we unpack how those properties compare in terms of their size, condition, views, and proximity to amenities (good or bad) to the property being assessed. The CMA system uses this data to generate an estimated value of the subject property. Although this figure may not be one hundred percent accurate, it certainly provides a guideline. CMA provides additional trend data which we couple with the basic property report.


It is crucial to put oneself in the shoes of a purchaser, in the sense of identifying any parts of the property that may require repairs or upgrades (present or future) as these costs will be taken into account by purchasers when determining how much they are prepared to pay for the property in its current condition. Through years of experience and contacts within the construction industry, our consultants are knowledgeable in renovation and building costs.


Even though historical sales figures provide excellent insight into the prices that properties have achieved, market conditions have a huge impact on property values. All of our consultants partake in weekly in-house discussions and consultations with related service providers (conveyancers, bond originators etc.) to understand the impact of economic and political factors on property prices, and buyer sentiment. By applying this knowledge, while reviewing current properties that are for sale or to let, our consultants are trained to detect patterns, identify sweet spots in the market, and ultimately advise you on the best possible sales / rental strategy for your property - to achieve the best returns.  

While the aforementioned process is very analytical, it is merely the FIRST step to building a strategy for you. The next (SECOND) step, which is more important, is understanding your motivation for selling or leasing your property, your timing, as well your expectations of the process to follow.

It is for this reason that Alexo Property Brokers has become known as the company that puts 

'People before Property'


The Alexo Rentals division (Cape Town) has a long-standing portfolio of managed residential properties spanning across the Atlantic Sea Board, City Bowl, the Southern Suburbs and parts of the Northern Suburbs.

As with the focus of our Sales division, our passion to deliver professional, honest and ethical advice to our clients is resolute.

In line with our Core Values, this is yet another way that Alexo Property Brokers is striving towards a ‘New Way’ in property transacting.

For Landlords – Our Structure of Services


  • Initial visit to the property
  • Advice on the best achievable rental to maximize the return on your investment
  • Photograph property for marketing purposes


  • To our national and international database of clients through the internet and email
  • Online advertising through Property24, Private Property, TPN RentBay, Gumtree and the Alexo Property Brokers’ national website 


  • Comprehensive credit screening performed on all lease applicants through Tenant Profile Network (credit bureau). This report provides detailed credit information / history on tenants through TPN, Experian and ITC checks. The tenant is responsible for the cost of processing his / her lease application
  • We take exceptional care to gather all relevant personal and financial information for all prospective tenants, in order for us to conduct thorough background / reference checks

(Provided for both Unmanaged and Managed Leases)

  • To facilitate negotiations to final signing of Lease Agreement
  • Collect refundable rental deposit, which is payable into our Trust Account
  • Copy of signed Lease Agreement to both tenant and landlord
  • Inform tenant of additional charges and ensure transfer of utility accounts to tenants’ name (where applicable)
  • Collect first month’s rental prior to occupation
  • Arrange initial delivery of keys to the tenant
  • Do joint inspection with tenant to record state of property at time of occupation
  • In the case of a furnished property, a comprehensive inventory must be made available by the landlord and both landlord and tenant are to sign
  • Do joint inspection with tenant to record state of property on vacating
  • Upon vacating the property, inform landlord of any repairs / maintenance so that, if applicable, deductions can be made from the tenant’s deposit, and refund the balance of tenant’s deposit in accordance with prescribed conditions.

(Managed Leases ONLY)

  • Collection of the monthly rental and utility payments and the paying of the same to the landlord; to ensure that the rent is paid timeously each month
  • Carry out an inspection at the property 3 months after the commencement date, and in 6 month intervals thereafter
  • On instruction from the landlord, effect payment of services, including rates and levies
  • Statements are sent out to all landlords on a monthly basis, giving details of transactions in regard to their property / properties
  • If required, liaise on any repairs and maintenance required to restore the property to the same condition as at the time of occupation, fair wear and tear excepted.

The fees for these services are available upon request.

For further information or queries, please contact us at, 021 702 3203, or complete the enquiry form on this page.


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