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A Misconception That Estate Agents ‘Own’ Buyers

07 June 2017 “There’s a mistaken belief amongst residential property sellers that certain estate agencies possess a ‘database of ready buyers’ that differs significantly to that of their competitors,” says Matthew Alberts, Sales Manager of Alexo Property Brokers. “This belief is often perpetuated by specific agencies who make this claim as an integral part of their […]

Are SA Property Sellers and Buyers Out of Sync?

The real culprits behind soaring house prices and weakening home buyer sentiment may well be a number of real estate agencies and industry representatives whose support of unrealistic pricing and assertive promotion of house price inflation is damaging seller confidence…

Sellers – What is the focus of your Estate Agent?

Weekend Argus – Sunday, 24 October 2010 What is the focus of your estate agent? “Residential property owners who are completely satisfied with the sale of their property all have one thing in common. Their estate agent was seller-focused” says Phil Wilson, Director of Alexo Property Brokers “I regularly speak to property owners who have […]

To Sell or Not to Sell – In a Buyers Market

Weekend Argus – Sunday, 03 October 2010 To sell or not to sell…in a buyers’ market. “Should I sell my property in a buyers’ market? For the past two years, this is the question I have been most frequently asked by potential sellers of residential property” says Phil Wilson, Director of Alexo Property Brokers. “Property […]

Property Market – Recovering or Not?

Weekend Argus – Sunday, 11 September 2010 Has Cape Town’s Residential Property Market hit the bottom? “Absolutely not” says Phil Wilson, Director of Alexo Property Brokers, “If the residential property market had already reached its’ low point, we would be able to confidently say that a property for sale now would achieve a higher price […]